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Rich in History

Lykens Township is rich in history as once there was everything a Penna. German family needed for survival.  A grist mill, tannery, feed mill, cider press, general store, one room schools (7) to educate his children when they were not busy helping in the fields. In the early 1900’s many families spoke only Penna. German (PA Dutch) in the home.  As a result many children entered school not speaking English.  This created a hardship on the children and made school difficult.  The spiritual needs at that time were cared for by Coleman’s Church (St Matthews), Klinger’s Church (Zion), and Hoffman’s (St. Peter’s)  which are all in existence today.   These cemetaries hold a wealth of ancestral information.

In 1961 the last one room school closed and all children attended Upper Dauphin Schools.   As children graduated and went off to college many did not return.  The family farm was in decline.  About 1975 an Order of Amish from Lancaster discovered the gems of the valley and began purchasing farms.  At present there are again one room schools in the area, children speaking PA German and the present has again become the past.   

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Upper Dauphin Area
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